Commercial Roof Hail Damage – What You Need to Know

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Has hail damaged your commercial roof? Hail damage is the number one reason roofs get damaged to the point of repair or replacement.  As commercial roofers in Omaha, we see a lot of hail damaged roofs throughout the year. For older commercial roofs that are ready for replacement, most of the time, we can avoid a complete tear-off and replacement. However, if a commercial roof needs replacement from hail damage, the only option is a total tear-off and replacement, and for insurance to cover the cost.

Post Storm Inspection

Following a major storm, business owners and building managers don’t even realize their roof has sustained damage. It’s critical to investigate your roof for hail damage soon after a hail storm has passed. Hail damage commercial roof insurance claims require prompt notice to the insurance company.  First, take a look at your roof yourself. Sometimes the damage is obvious. If you do find damage or aren’t quite sure, call a reputable commercial roofing company. They can spot damage that you may not be trained to notice. 

Commercial Roof Insurance Claims

Having a professional roofing expert fill out an inspection report ensures you get the best settlement for your claim. After the roofing company inspects your roof, they may provide a public adjuster if necessary. Public adjusters are the only property loss professionals who work on behalf of the policyholders, and they are sometimes necessary to be able to recover everything you deserve. The public adjuster will review your insurance policy to see what is covered and determine the best course of action. Your roofing contractor and public adjuster will work together to collect damage evidence for your claim.   

The Cost of Commercial Roof Hail Damage

The cost comes down to the quality of your insurance and insurance provider, roofing contractor, and public adjuster. If you have a good insurance policy and partner with a strong roofing contractor and public adjuster, you have little to lose and a lot to gain. You should get a brand new roof for your building for just the cost of your deductible.

Does Your Commercial Roof Have Hail Damage?

We serve Omaha and surrounding areas. If you have a damaged commercial roof in need of repair or replacement, give us a call. We’ll drop by and give you a free inspection and break down your best options. We also work with several experienced public adjusters that can help you maximize your roof insurance claim and limit your out-of-pocket costs.

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