Commercial Roofs and Ponding Water

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If you own a building, you have a roof you need to maintain. One of the most common issues with commercial roofs is ponding water. Depending on the condition of your roof, and the materials used to construct or restore it, ponding water may or may not be an issue. If you notice ponding water on your regular roof inspections, but not sure if it’s a problem, contact a commercial roofing company for a free inspection. They’ll be able to quickly assess the seriousness of the ponding and may even provide a quick fix if it’s necessary.

What is Ponding Water?

Ponding water is kind of how it sounds. As rain falls and snow melts on a flat roofing system, roofs with poor drainage tend to gather standing water. Unless the water is manually drained, it can stay there for days or even weeks, depending on the weather conditions.

Dangers of Ignoring Ponding Water

Just like putting off a water line repair leads to big issues, ignoring ponding water on your roof can lead to significant damage to your building. Ponding water can lead to:

  • Damaged paint
  • Corroded roofing material
  • Internal leaks beneath your roof
  • Pest build up in the stagnate water

How to Get Rid of Ponding Water

The best long term solution to ponding water is a roof that is capable of draining properly. This may involve installing a drain pipe or two to allow water to flow down from the roof. You may also want to adjust the gradient of your rooftop.

Another option is using a polyurethane product that won’t break down under ponding conditions. We use a product called “Affinity” made by Conklin when we find ponding areas on a roof that we did a coating system on. We only use it in areas that are prone to ponding to keep the costs down for our customers.

Ponding Proof Roofing Systems

Some roofing systems like our TritoFlex system can withstand ponding water indefinitely. Spray foam and TritoFlex systems can be built up to create positive drainage or fill in ponding areas. Most single play products like TPO, PVC, and EPDM can also be underwater with no problems. In some cases, insulation needs to be replaced before spraying because low spots are usually a sign of wet or deteriorated insulation.

Have Ponding Water on Your Commercial Roof in Omaha?

We serve Omaha and surrounding areas. If you have ponding water on your commercial roof, give us a call. We’ll drop by and give you a free inspection and break down your best options. Often the remedy is fast and cost-effective. You may even have a roof the can withstand indefinite ponding water.

Remember, always check if your roof is a good candidate for restoration before undergoing the costs of a traditional roof replacement.

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