Fabric Reinforced Commercial Roofs

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Commercial roofing in Omaha and Nebraska has taught us a lot over the years. Something we’ve learned is there is was a need for an option other than temporary patches and expensive roof replacements. Our fabric reinforced roof coating system makes sense for a lot of commercial building owners in and around Omaha. Like all of the other commercial roof restoration systems we offer, it’s a cost-effective and durable alternative to a complete roof replacement. The fabric reinforced coating system consists of multiple layers of liquid applied roof coatings with an embedded high tensile strength fabric called Spunflex.

Spunflex Fabric

The heart of the system rests on Spunflex fabric. The 100% knit polyester fabric provides a roof membrane with unmatched tensile and tear strength adding years of life to your commercial roof. The membrane is exceptionally resistant to rupturing and splitting along seams and protrusion where roofs are most prone to leaks. The Spunflex fabric is embedded into the roofing system for an extra layer of protection and durability.

Fabric Reinforced Roof Benefits

· Cost Effective – A fraction of the cost of a traditional roof replacement.
· Superior Warranty – 18-year leak free warranty: non prorated, fully transferrable, covers materials and labor.
· WaterTight – Seamless and impenetrable.
· Extreme Durability – Class 4 hail rating.
· Renewable – Can be recoated for a fraction of the original cost with a new full warranty.
· Energy Efficient – A white reflective top coat can reduce energy costs by 30%.
· Environmentally Friendly – No landfill waste from replacing old materials.

Fabric Reinforced Installation Process

A fabric reinforced roof restoration does not interrupt your business. The process is quiet, and you’ll hardly know we’re there. We start by thoroughly cleaning your existing roof’s surface. All debris is removed, and the surface is power washed with a high potent cleaner. After your roof is cleaned we apply a coat of primer, then spray on a base coat. As the base coat is being applied we roll out the Spunflex fabric. A second layer of base coat is sprayed over the Spunflex fully embedding it. Once everything has cured, we apply a final white top coat over the entire roof in one, seamless layer.

Is a Fabric Reinforced Roof Right for You?

A fabric reinforced coating system is highly versatile and can be used on nearly any existing commercial roof. It can be applied to restore EPDM (rubber) membrane systems, TPO membranes, PVC membranes, modified bitumen, built up, and asphalt roofs.

Give us a call, and we can set up a time to look at your commercial roof and give you a free estimate on your commercial roof restoration. 402-289-7869