Fabric-Reinforced Roofing Systems

If your existing roofing system is still in relatively good shape but suffering from minor leaks, our fabric-reinforced roofing systems can help! A fabric-reinforced roofing system can provide a long-lasting fix to any leaks, helps reduce energy costs, and can add substantial strength to your roof without adding significant amounts of weight.

At Armour Roof Co., our mission is to provide Omaha, Nebraska, commercial property owners with cost-effective and reliable roof coating systems. But just because a roof has sprung a leak does not necessarily mean the entire roof needs to be replaced. A fabric-reinforced roofing system essentially adds a layer of protection between other layers of roof coating. Using such a system creates a durable, long-lasting commercial roof that can withstand whatever Nebraska’s weather throws your way.

What kind of roofs can fabric-reinforced coatings be used on?

  • Flat Roofs
  • Low-Slope Roofs
  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR)
  • Mineral Cap Rolled Roofing
  • High-Density Concrete Roofs
  • Metal Roofs

What does the fabric reinforced coating application process look like?

Our fabric-reinforced coating system involves multiple layers of liquid roof coatings that have an embedded high-tensile-strength fabric known as Spunflex. We first prepare the surface of your roof with a powerful cleaner and a high-pressure wash before applying a priming coat and then the first layer of the base coat. As this first layer of the base coat is being applied, we roll out the Spunflex over it. We then apply a second layer of the base coat to ensure the Spunflex fabric is fully embedded. After these layers have cured, we apply one final, seamless white coat over the entire roof.

What are the advantages of fabric-reinforced roofing systems?

There are numerous advantages associated with our fabric-reinforced coating systems. First of all, installing such a system is far cheaper than replacing your commercial roof outright. This kind of roofing system can be easily maintained at negligible costs compared with the original service as all that is needed are new topcoats to be applied over the base layers. This roofing system is also extremely durable with a class four hail rating and provides unparalleled protection as the roofing system is completely seamless. The white topcoat also helps reflect the sun’s rays, which mitigates the damage that the sun can cause to roofs. This same white topcoat will also help keep your energy costs low on account of its reflectivity. This is truly a renewable roofing system that mitigates further landfill waste creation.

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