Metal Roof Coating Systems

If your metal roof’s fasteners are becoming loose or if your roof is beginning to rust, Armour Roof Co. can help. Many mistakenly believe that at the first sign of a leak, they may need to replace their entire roof. But we specialize in metal roof coating systems that can halt rust in its tracks and ensure no further damage comes to your existing metal roof. If your roof is still in working order, we can ensure that its lifetime is drastically lengthened via the use of our metal roof coating. We provide metal roofing systems for commercial properties in Omaha, Nebraska, as well as within a 150-mile radius of Omaha.

What kind of roofs can metal roof coating systems be used on?

  • Corrugated Metal Roofs
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs
  • Painted Metal Roofs
  • Previously-Coated Metal Roofs

What does the metal roof coating application process look like?

After examining the state of your existing metal roof, we give the entire roof a thorough wash using high-power cleaning products and a pressure washing. The next step is the application of a rust-inhibiting primer. This will halt the progression of any existing rust and prevent the advancement of any future rusting. We then apply the first layer of the base coat which is carefully applied to each seam before rolling in the extremely durable Spunflex fabric over the base coat, ensuring that it is fully embedded in each roof seam. Each fastener is then tightened down before being covered in a pliable caulking compound that is designed to last 30 years. We finish by applying a white topcoat over the entire surface in a seamless layer. This fully protects all seams, protecting your metal roof from further rust and sun damage, and it keeps your fasteners from ever loosening.

What are the advantages of metal roof coating systems?

The first and greatest advantage associated with bolstering your existing metal roof with our metal roof coating system is that it is far more affordable than replacing your metal roof entirely. So long as your roof has not been too heavily damaged and is still functional, a metal roof coating can help extend your roof’s lifespan tremendously. Our metal roof coating system is also completely seamless, so there is no way for the elements to reach or damage your metal roof—this means further rust progression is halted. Our metal roof coating is also easily recoated, at a fraction of the cost of the original service. We also offer an 18-year leak-free warranty that can be renewed with each recoating of the roofing system. This extremely durable metal roof coating also helps reduce energy consumption costs by up to 30%, as the white topcoat will reflect back much of the sun’s rays.

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If you wish to know if your existing metal roof is eligible for our metal roof coating system, contact one of our courteous professionals today. We’ll schedule a time to visit your Nebraska-area business property and thoroughly examine the state of your existing corrugated or standing-seam metal roof before providing you with a quote.