New Commercial and Industrial Roofs – What You Need to Know

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What is a “new” commercial roof? New, can mean several things depending on your context, but generally, there are two types of “new” when it comes to our industry. The first “new” is new construction. The second “new” is a new roof or roof replacement for an existing building. When you search for commercial roofing in Omaha, you’re going to find companies that primarily deal with replacing a commercial roof and essentially making it new again. That’s what we do.

What’s a Roof Replacement?

A “roof replacement” involves tearing off an existing old roof, pulling off the insulation and replacing it with new insulation, then installing a new single-ply membrane. This option is expensive because it’s essentially a partial demolition. Projects can take weeks to complete and can cause business interruption during the construction phase. Even more, it’s not always necessary. Unless the roof has sustained significant damage that has ruined the insulation and supporting structures, a roof replacement can usually be avoided.

The Overlayment Option

Also known as a “recover,” an overlayment is where the original roof on a building is not torn off, but covered with a new single-ply membrane. Typical single-ply membranes include PVC, TPO, and EPDM materials. This option is often thought of the the ideal alternative to a roof replacement because of the lower cost and speed of completion. While an overlayment or recover is a good, cost-effective solution to a roof replacement, there are some negatives as well. An overlayment has to be mechanically fastened down with the screws going through the old roof and through the roof deck. This creates thousands of holes and leak points in the old roof that never used to be there. When the new overlayment roof does one day leak, this poses a big issue for the building.

Roof Restoration

Today, the most effective and affordable option for a new roof is taking advantage of one of the many roof coating systems commercial – industrial roofers are offering. They’re more affordable and effective than applying a new single-ply membrane and are up to 75% more cost-effective than a new roof. A roof restoration is completely seamless, energy-efficient, and come with outstanding warranties lasting up to 20 years. Additionally, roof restorations can be renewed indefinitely. Roof coating and restoration utilizes the existing roof to effectively double the thickness and strength of the roof system as a whole, making it the best option in most cases regardless of price. If your building needs a new roof or a roof replacement, your roof may be a great candidate for a coating system. 

Types of Coating Systems

There are many types of coating systems to choose from.

  • Metal Roof Coating System – Can be applied to corrugated or standing seam metal roofs. It can also be applied over painted metal and previously coated metal roofs. 
  • Fabric Reinforced Coating System – Can be applied on most flat roofing systems including EPDM, TPO, PVC, modified bitumen, built up, and asphalt. 
  • Seam Reinforced Coating System – Can be applied to most single-ply roofing systems including EPDM, TPO, and PVC membranes. 
  • Spray Foam Coating System – Can be applied to nearly all flat or low pitch roofs including all of the above systems.

Need a New Industrial or Commercial Roof in Omaha?

We serve Omaha and surrounding areas in Nebraska and Iowa. If you have a damaged or leaking commercial or industrial roof in need of repair or replacement, give us a call. We’ll drop by and give you a free inspection and inform you of your best options. It’s always a good idea to find out if your roof is a good candidate for restoration before undergoing the costs of a traditional roof replacement. 

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