New Commercial Roofing

If roof restoration is not an option for your commercial property, or if traditional single-ply roofing is preferred, we will fulfill your needs with the best membrane systems on the market.
At Armour Roof Co., our commercial roofing installers are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience needed to properly inspect, care for, and repair various kinds of commercial rooftops. But repairs are not always an option. Our roof coatings are only suitable for roofs that are still functional and are not yet falling apart. Commercial roofing replacement is only required when your property’s roof is too thoroughly damaged.  
With over 18 years of experience, we’ve handled countless low-slope and flat roofing installation jobs for commercial properties in Omaha, Nebraska, as well as within a 150-mile radius outside of Omaha. 
Our goal at Armour Roof Co. is to provide you with the best commercial roofing installation service possible. Our team of roofing contractors will thoroughly inspect your business’s roof to first determine if commercial roof replacement is needed.  
When it comes to commercial roofing replacement, our go-to option is single-ply membrane systems. One of the most well-known and popular types of commercial roofing systems, single-ply membrane systems boast a number of advantages when compared to other options. 
Single-Ply Membrane System
  • Up to 30-year leak-free warranty, non-prorated, fully transferable
  • Exceptional durability and flexibility
  • Seams are welded, rather than glued
  • Superior wind and hail protection
  • Fire and chemical resistance
  • 85% reflective, reduces peak energy consumption
If you’re interested in a new commercial roofing installation for your property, contact Armour Roof Co. today. We will schedule a time to visit your property and provide you with a thorough proposal that outlines the costs associated with commercial roofing replacement, as well as the timeline for completion. We service Omaha, Nebraska, and every other city within 150 miles of Omaha. Contact Armour Roof Co. to speak to a member of our knowledgeable staff today.