Metal Roof Coating System

What are Metal Roof Coating Systems?

Our Metal Roof Coating System involves multiple layers of liquid applied roof coatings with special attention given to every fastener and all seams. After prepping the surface with a high potent cleaner and pressure wash, we apply a rust inhibiting primer to stop any current rust and prevent any future rust. Next, the first layer of base coat is applied to the seams, and a high tensile strength fabric (Spunflex) is rolled in. The second layer of base coat is then applied over the Spunflex so the fabric is fully imbedded on all seams. Every fastener is then tightened down as necessary and enveloped in a 30 year pliable caulking compound. Finally, the white top coat is applied over the entire surface in one, seamless layer.

What are the benefits of this restoration?

  1. Huge cost savings compared to a roof replacement
  2. Completely seamless
  3. Stops and prevents rust
  4. 18 year leak free warranty: non prorated, fully transferrable, covers materials and labor
  5. Renewability: roof can be recoated for a fraction of the original cost and renew the warranty
  6. Extreme durability
  7. Keeps fasteners from loosening
  8. White, reflective top coat reduces energy costs up to 30%
  9. No landfill waste

When is this application recommended?

The Metal Roof Coating System can be applied to any corrugated or standing seam metal roof. It can also be applied over painted metal and most previously coated metals.

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