Commercial Roof Restoration and Repair

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Building owners and property managers often think they have only two choices when it comes to stopping leaks and maintaining their flat or metal roof. These are typically temporary patch repairs or a complete roof replacement. However, there is a third option: commercial roof restoration. 

Roof restoration is quickly becoming the preferred method of commercial roof repair. Commercial roof restoration primarily makes use of roof coating systems. This method of roof repair is available for commercial properties that have either flat or low-slope roofs that are still in relatively good condition. You can apply a commercial roof coating to your aging, functional roof to add at least a decade or more of additional life to your existing roof. Making use of our high-quality roof coatings for your commercial roof restoration also acts as a proactive step that can help avoid a later catastrophic failure that will require a commercial roof replacement. 

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Types of Commercial Roof Coating Systems

1- Metal Roof Coating Systems

2- Flat Roof Coating Systems

  • Fabric Reinforced Coating System
  • Seam Reinforced Coating System
  • Spray Foam Roof Coating System
  • Liquid-Applied Rubber Coating System
  • Silicone Coating System

Benefits of commercial Roof Restoration

There are a number of benefits associated with using Armour Roof Co.’s roof restoration services. It is typically much more affordable than the cost of a completely new roof and can extend the life of your current roof by an additional decade or more. 

  • Up to 75% less expensive than a new roof
  • Up to 20 year leak-free warranty, non-prorated, fully transferable
  • Completely seamless
  • 85% reflective, reduces peak energy consumption
  • Entire cost is tax-deductible in the first year
  • Warranty is renewable for a fraction of the original system cost

Restoration Examples