Seam Reinforced Coating Systems for Commercial Roofs

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When you’re thinking about roof repair in Omaha for your commercial roof, a seam reinforced coating system is worth considering. A seam reinforced coating system involves multiple layers of liquid applied roof coatings. The system results in huge cost savings compared to a traditional roof replacement.  It’s completely seamless and comes with a 10-year leak free warranty. Seam reinforced coating systems can be applied to most single-ply roofing systems including EPDM (rubber) membranes, TPO membranes, and PVC membranes.

Seam Reinforced Coating System Benefits

There’s a number of benefits that come with seam reinforced coating systems. Most of them are related to cost, energy, and longevity – all the things you’re looking for in a good commercial roof.

  • Affordable – On average, expect to pay 75% of a traditional roof replacement.
  • Water-Tight – The seamless application ensures a water-tight finish keeping your roof leak free for years.
  • 10 Year Warranty – The warranty guarantees a leak-free roof for a decade. It’s non prorated, fully transferable, and covers materials and labor.
  • Easily Renewed – Your roof can be recoated for a fraction of the original cost for the lifetime of your building. The warranty renews with each recoat.
  • Energy Efficient – The white reflective top coat reduces your energy costs by up to 30%.
  • Environment-Friendly – A seam reinforced coating system creates ZERO landfill waste. It’s simply applied over your current roof.

The Application Process

Choosing to replace your old or damaged commercial roof with a seam reinforced coating system doesn’t affect your daily operation in any noticeable way. Unlike a traditional roof replacement that is loud, dusty, and often requires the closure of your business, an SRC system will allow you to maintain your daily operations without interruption. The thorough application process ensures a long lasting water-tight roof.

  • Prep – The first thing we do is prep the surface of your roof with a high strength cleaner and pressure wash.
  • Primer Coat – After your roof is clean, we apply a priming coat over the entire surface.
  • Seams Reinforcement – The next step is ensuring all seams and penetrations are sealed by applying a layer of base coat.
  • Spunflex – All seams penetrations are embedded with Spunflex, our high-tensile strength fabric.
  • Second Layer Base Coat – A second layer of base coat is applied over the Spunflex ensuring a fully embedded fabric.
  • White Top Coat – The final step is applying the white top coat over the entire roof in one, seamless layer.

Commercial Roof Repair in Omaha

If you have any questions about seam reinforced coating systems for your commercial roof give us a call, and we’d be happy to tell you more about it and give you a free quote. (402) 289-7869