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Commercial RoofingApril 5, 2020by Spencer Krogh0What are Sustainable Commercial Roofs?

What is a sustainable commercial roof? Does it have a garden? Is it made of recycled materials? Not exactly. A sustainable commercial roof is one that has been restored rather than torn off and completely re-built. We’re able to call a restored roof sustainable for a number of reasons. In this article, we’re going to look at everything that can make a commercial roof restoration transform your Omaha commercial roof into a sustainable commercial roof. 

Commercial Roof Replacement vs. Restoration  

To get an understanding of how a restoration is sustainable, you need to know the difference between a replacement vs. a restoration. A roof replacement involves tearing off an existing roof, pulling out the insulation, and replacing it with new insulation, then applying a new single-ply membrane. The process includes partial demolition that produces tons of waste that will end up in a landfill. 

A roof restoration, on the other hand, is a new roofing system that is applied on top of your current roof. If you do not have any significant structural damage that needs replacing a roof restoration is the best way to get a new commercial roof. New technologies have allowed roofing companies to use liquid applied systems that transform your roof into a new roof in as little as one day, with zero waste. These roofs last decades, are energy efficient, and are affordable. 

The Environmental Impact of Commercial Waste 

Today there are millions of tons of installed asphalt-based roofing systems that will need to be replaced over the next 30 years. There is no way to recycle or reuse torn off roof systems. These systems are currently being dumped into landfills across the US every year. The EPA estimates that between 230 to 530 million tons of construction and demolition waste go into our landfills every year. Roofing materials are one of the top 4 materials disposed of, contributing around 20% of total waste. 

Benefits of a Sustainable Commercial Roof 

Right from the start, the biggest environmental benefit is the elimination of non-recyclable landfill waste. Because there is no teardown or demolition, a roof restoration gives you a brand new rood without adding anything to our landfill system. But the benefits don’t stop there.  

  • Energy Efficient – Most roof restorations result in a roof with white reflective coating. This makes your building more energy-efficient, especially in the warmer months. If the building doesn’t have air conditioning, this makes it much more comfortable for people using the building. 
  • Energy Rebates and Taxes – The entire cost of a roof restoration is tax-deductible in the first year. 
  • Sustainable Building – When you get a sustainable roof, you’re transforming your building into a sustainable building. By protecting your roof, you protect and preserve your building’s infrastructure. 

Ready for Your Sustainable Commercial Roof in Omaha? 

We serve Omaha and surrounding areas. If you have a damaged commercial roof in need of repair or replacement, give us a call. We’ll drop by and give you a free inspection and break down your best options. Always check if your roof is a good candidate for restoration before undergoing the costs of a traditional roof replacement. 

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