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What Are the Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks?

Commercial RoofingAugust 9, 20220What Are the Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks?

Commercial roof leaks are a major inconvenience. They can affect the health and safety of your building and all who enter it. If your roof is leaking and you’re not sure why, we go over some of the common causes of commercial roof leaks and what to do about them.

Poor Drainage

A faulty drainage system can result in standing water, which is defined as any pool of water that doesn’t naturally evaporate after 48 hours. If standing water isn’t addressed, it will build up and slowly deteriorate your roof. Eventually, this damage can lead to leaks.

Damaged Flashings

Flashings are thin pieces of material placed along roof joints to keep water at bay. Moisture and extreme temperatures cause flashings to expand, contract, and loosen, which creates entry points where water can pour in.

Damaged Membrane

Another common cause of commercial roof leaks is damage to the roof membrane. The membrane is a waterproof layer applied to flat commercial roofs. If the membrane is compromised due to weather, foot traffic, or mechanical faults, water can leak through and wet the insulation beneath.

Damaged Seals

Any protrusions in your roof, like ones around HVAC units, need to be properly sealed to prevent moisture penetration. If these seals are weak or damaged, they won’t be able to keep out water.


All roofs will need to be replaced eventually. If your roof is up there in age and you’ve been experiencing leaking and other roof-related problems, it may be time to let your current roof retire.

Leaking is an annoyance and a hazard, but fortunately, it’s fixable. If you require commercial metal roof repair or replacement services in Omaha, reach out to Armour Roof Co. today. Our crew of experienced roofers can assist with all your commercial roofing needs quickly, professionally, and communicatively. Contact us today to learn more or to get a quote.


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