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What Exactly Is Commercial Roof Restoration?

Commercial RoofingMay 5, 20220What Exactly Is Commercial Roof Restoration?

Is your commercial roof in need of some TLC? When it comes to patching your roof, you have several options. One such option is restoration. But what exactly is commercial roof restoration? What makes it better than other options? And is restoration right for your roof? We answer all these questions and more in this brief guide to commercial roof restoration.

What’s Roof Restoration?

So, what exactly is commercial roof restoration? The restoration process involves cleaning, repairing, and coating your roof to fix existing damage and protect the roof from future incidents. Essentially, it rewinds the hands of time and restores your roof to its prime!

What’s the Difference Between Repair, Replacement, and Restoration?

Depending on a few factors, roof restoration may be the most cost-effective fix for your commercial roof. But how do you know which option best suits your situation? Knowing the differences between repair, replacement, and restoration will help you make an informed choice. Roof repairs are reserved for small problems that occur as a result of weather or age. Caulk deterioration, leaking, loose fasteners, punctures, and seams are common issues that require repair. Replacement, on the other hand, is the last resort when your roof is at the end of its life. Roofs that are severely damaged or over 20 years old should be replaced and freshly insulated. Restoration is a great middle-ground option that addresses current problems with your roof and staves off future replacement.

The Benefits of Roof Restoration

There are many benefits of roof restoration. Let’s look at what they are.


Replacement is costly. Repairs are cheap but not very effective at preventing future damage. Restoration is a middle-of-the-road, cost-effective option, as it solves current issues and prevents future problems.

Prevent Future Damage

Coatings provide your roof with an extra layer of protection from the elements. It resists the sun and moisture and increases the durability of your roof. Roof coating prevents damage the next time a storm rolls through your town.


Roof restoration is eco-friendlier than replacement because it doesn’t involve sending an entire roof to the landfill. The coating also reflects sunlight and helps manage the temperature of your building, which cuts down on energy consumption and lowers your monthly bills. If you need a commercial flat roof repair in Omaha or the surrounding area, get in touch with Armour Roof Co. We have years of experience in commercial roof repair, restoration, and replacement. More importantly, our team is friendly, reliable, and responsive. Whatever you need us for, we’re here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a fix for your commercial roof.

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