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Commercial Roof MaintenanceMay 17, 2022by Spencer Krogh0Why Spring is the Best time to Restore or Replace Your Commercial Roof

As winter comes to an end and spring weather appears, now is the best time to evaluate your commercial roof. Snow and ice have melted, weather is warming, and now you can get a more accurate evaluation of the condition of your roof. Unfortunately, Omaha winters are not kind commercial roofs. 

As Omaha commercial roofers, we’ve seen what our winters can do to a roof. In order to give you peace of mind and to know where you stand with your roof, schedule a free inspection. You may just need some spot repairs. If you need a roof replacement or restoration, now is the best time to do it. We’ll explain why in this article. 

Roofers Have More Availability in the Spring 

Roofing season starts in the early spring. By the time summer rolls around, it’s the peak of the season for roofing contractors. By the peak of the season a roofer may be booked out for weeks or even months. You may still find a roofer during the summer, but they may not be your top or even top-five choice. 

Getting your commercial roofing repairs and restoration taken care of in the spring ensures you don’t have to wait when demand is high. It also keeps you from having to deal with an emergency roof repair and not having roofers available to help. Even if you want to postpone your actual repair or restoration to the beginning of summer, make sure to get a reliable commercial roofer booked now. 

Energy Efficiency – Prepare for Summer 

Springtime roof replacement or restoration is the perfect time to get ready for summer.  More and more commercial building owners are looking to liquid roof restoration systems for repairs and restorations. They’re up to 75% less expensive than a new roof, and are 85% reflective, and can reduce your annual energy costs by up to 30%.  

Before You Get Busy 

Many commercial businesses are busy during the summer months.  A roof restoration will not disturb your business that much. It’s quiet, there are no harsh chemical smells, and efficient. A roof replacement, on the other hand, takes longer and can disturb your business. Getting your commercial roof restored or replaced during the slower spring months ensures you can focus on your customers when they need you most. You can think of your roof project as a spring cleaning project. Get it done now and be set for the rest of the year (and many years to come). 

Ready for a New Commercial Roof in Omaha? 

We serve Omaha and surrounding areas. If you have a damaged commercial roof in need of repair or replacement, give us a call. We’ll drop by and give you a free inspection and break down your best options. Always check if your roof is a good candidate for restoration before undergoing the costs of a traditional roof replacement.  

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