Winter Commercial Roof Maintenance

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The last thing you probably want to do in the dead of winter is climb on your building’s roof and do maintenance. It’s cold, windy, and possibly icy up there. But you need to do it. Your roof needs year-round attention to maximize its lifespan. Commercial roofs in Omaha can sustain a lot of wear and damage during the winter months due to weather and neglect. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule makes each trip to your roof easier than if you only go up there once a year or when things go wrong. Let’s take a look at some things to keep in mind when you’re maintaining your commercial roof over the winter months.

Establish a Preventative Maintenance Program

The first step to good commercial roof maintenance is setting up a program you know you can follow. You should take time to give you commercial roof a walk through at least once a month, and always after strong storms that can cause damage. Each season will bring different things to keep in mind when you’re inspecting your roof.  Of course, if you’re not a professional, it’s possible you’ll miss something. It’s recommended to have a professional commercial roofing company inspect your roof annually.

Drainage Systems

During your monthly inspection, always make sure to check your roof’s drainage systems. Your roof will take on a lot of rain and snow during the winter months and will need to be able to shed the excess water easily. Remove any debris you find around drainage outlets and check inside the drains as best you can to make sure there are no obstructions.

Remove Ice Dams and Icicles

Another thing to look for during the winter months is ice dams. Have you noticed icicles hanging from your gutters? Ice dams can cause serious damage to your downspouts. Remove the ice to keep your downspouts functioning properly. Also, large hanging icicles can be dangerous for pedestrians walking under your building.  

Snow Removal

More than a foot of packed snow can cause damage to your roof. As soon as it’s safe to remove, you should remove excessive amounts of snow from your roof after big storms. The weight from snow build-up will put a lot of stress on your roof. 

Walkthrough Inspection

When you do your monthly walkthrough inspection, it’s a good idea to bring a checklist with you, so you remember to check all the critical areas. Check all seals for any cracking and look for damaged or loose roofing materials. If you find cracked seals or loose materials, you’ll want to get them repaired immediately to stop the possibility of leaks. Look for water pools as well. If you have areas on your roof prone to excessive pooling, you’ll want to get that taken care of.

Need a Commercial Roof Inspection in Omaha?

We serve Omaha and surrounding areas. If you have a commercial roof and can’t remember the last time it was inspected, give us a call. We’ll drop by and give you a free inspection and make sure your roof is in good shape. If we find any damage, we’ll give you an on the spot estimate for repair. When you treat your roof like your vehicle and give it regular maintenance, you will get a lot of miles out of it.  

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