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Roof Repairs & Service

What roof repair services does Armour offer?

Sometimes neither a full roof replacement or roof coating system is what’s required for your roof. That’s where we come in with repairs and service. This includes:

Emergency Leak Repair- This is ideal for single instance spots on your roof causing leaks and not necessarily widespread roof failure. 

Roof Repair Maintenance- Many times we can walk a roof and quickly diagnose what contributing factors are causing water issues on your roof and remediate the problems.

Preventative Roof Repair- Technicians evaluate your roof and take proactive measure to minimize systematic failure and premature restoration.

What are causes of roof leaks at a facility?

In our experience, these are the most common reasons there are roof leaks on facilities:

1. Membrane Issues – The roofing membrane may have issues like splits, tears, cracks, or exposed laps that can all be factors. For instance, open laps often point to workmanship problems during installation, while cracks indicate material defects or aging. Tending to these issues quickly will prevent them from worsening quickly.

2. Drain and Gutter Issues – If water has no place to drain, it will inevitably stay on your roof. We inspect drains, gutters, scuppers, or the flashing as a source of leaks. Our team will fix the issue(s) by tightening, securing loose components, and applying coatings/seals to open joints.

3. Ponding Water – Similar to drain and gutter issues, ponding water that remains on your roof for more than 2 days indicates drainage issues. When water sits on your roofing surface, it can lead to premature degradation which inevitably leads to leaking. By analyzing the ponding water spots, we can re-route drainage to prevent further damage.

4. Flashing and Details – Flashing is a common source for roof leaks when the seals break, crack, or are otherwise compromised. Our service technicians are trained to inspect and caulk/seal any exposed portions before they worsen.