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Roof Restoration Services

What is roof restoration?

Many times facility managers or property managers think that a roof replacement is the only option to stop leaks on a commercial or industrial facility. And in some cases that is the best and only option, however, many times you’re overspending when using industrial-grade coatings could be a perfect alternative to re-roofing.

When is the best time to apply roof coatings?

Getting your roof evaluated by a roof coatings expert will help determine the optimal time for application to extend the life of your roof (and save from spending nearly double the amount for a tear off). Typically, between the 5-10 year age of a new roof is the best time to apply coatings because:

  1. They will adhere correctly with the right application technique and weather conditions.
  2. The roof isn’t too far gone to require a complete replacement.

Armour has roof technicians that are professionals equipped to assess your roof and give you a time recommendation.

Why should I choose roof coatings?

If you’ve looked into roof coatings as an option, you’ll know that:

  1. Will stop leaks and make your roofing surface watertight.
  2. They are significantly cheaper than replacement, up to 70% less in some instances.
  3. Can come with a warranty up to 20 years for labor and materials.
  4. Can be installed much faster than re-roof and with minimal disruption to your operations.
  5. Offer up to 70% solar reflectivity resulting in money saved through cooling costs.

Choosing the right roofing restoration company will ensure that your system is properly applied and fully warranted.