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Commercial Flat Roof Repair in Omaha

What are flat roofs?

Flat roofs are roofs that are level. They don’t have a noticeable slope like traditional roofs do. While some have conventional roofs, most commercially owned properties feature either flat or low-slope roofing systems.

In terms of installation and restoration, flat roofs pose unique challenges. When installed improperly, they don’t insulate or drain water as well as conventional roofs. This can lead to overheated or chilly rooms and an enhanced need for flat roof leak repair.

But when properly installed and maintained, flat roofs make a fantastic roofing option for commercial properties. Armour Roof Co. has a team of commercial flat roofers that always performs commercial flat roof repair in Omaha the right way.

What are the advantages of flat roofs?

Flat roofs have a few cons, but they also come with many pros.

1. Commercial flat roof repair and installation services are much more affordable than conventional roof repair and installation. Lower upfront and maintenance costs can save you money in the short term and the long term.

2. Flat roofs are multifunctional. Use yours as just a roof or turn it into a rooftop garden, a relaxation area, or an outdoor office or meeting room.

3. Flat roofs are environmentally friendly and can help you reduce your monthly energy bill. The empty space that sloped roofs have provides a greater opportunity for air to sneak inside or escape. Meanwhile, flat roofs trap heated and cooled air inside while keeping outside air out.

4. When installed correctly, flat roofs can be just as durable, insulating, and moisture-resistant as traditional roofs, meaning you can get the same reliability for a much lower cost.

How do I know if flat roofs are the right solution for my property?

Not sure if a flat roof is right for your property, or are you on the fence about hiring our commercial flat roofing contractors to perform flat roof restoration services? If you have any questions or concerns about flat roof installation or flat roof repair in Nebraska, contact us. We’ll answer any questions you may have and help you choose the best roofing solution for your property—flat roof or otherwise. To reach us, give us a call at (402) 289-7869, or fill out our contact form here.