Liquid Rubber Membrane

Exclusive liquid rubber membrane technology in the greater Omaha area.

What is a liquid rubber membrane roof coating?

It's an industrial-grade and instant-setting liquid rubber membrane used for waterproofing and coating existing roofs. Armour Roof Co. is the exclusive provider of this material in the greater Omaha area.

The Liquid Rubber Membrane is Ideal For:

Flat Roof

EPDM (Rubber) Membrane

Metal Roof

Any Roof

What does the liquid rubber membrane system application process look like?

Depending on the roof surface we start by pressure cleaning your roof and removing any debris that could hinder restoration. Then we do general substrate repairs to prepare the surface. This includes sealing seams, protrutions, and the roof perimeter using a brush grade rubber.

Lastly, a member of our crew will spray the liquid rubber membrane material while another will measure thickness to ensure proper coverage.

What are the advantages with a liquid rubber membrane roofing system?

Liquir Rubber Membrane technology is one of the newest to hit commercial roof coatings and as such, has a wide array of benefits not seen in previous materials including:

  1. Class A Fire Rating, self-extinguishing which reduces the chance of a fire starting from your roof.
  2. This material is impermeable which means it can withstand ponding water indefinitely.
  3. Resistant to hail damage including baseball-sized hail.

How do I know if the liquid rubber membrane is the right solution for my roof?

If you’re unsure if this will work out for your commercial roof, don’t worry. We offer free consultations and can help determine the best option for your roof. Give us a call at (402) 289-7869 or fill out the contact form.

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