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Single-Ply Membrane Roofing in Omaha

A flexible and highly durable commercial roof replacement alternative.

What is a single-ply membrane system?

Sometimes, your roof deteriorates beyond repair and you're faced with deciding how to replace it. When considering a replacement, many property owners choose our durable roof surface for its flexibility and longevity. Single-ply roofing is an affordable, durable, lightweight, and flexible option used by owners of commercial properties everywhere. It can protect your property from moisture, fire, chemicals, and more since it is a high-performance commercial and industrial TPO and PVC roofing system. Armour Roof Co. is committed to providing an affordable, flexible single-ply membrane roofing system that can bring your roof back to life.

Single-ply roofing is ideal for:

Metal Roofing

All types of Metal Roofs

EPDM (Rubber) Membrane Roofing

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

TPO Membrane Roofing

Thermoplastic Polyolefin

PVC Membrane Roofing

Polyvinyl Chloride

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Asphalt-based material

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

Similar to Asphalt

Asphalt Roofing

Single component

Tar and Gravel

What does the single-ply roofing system application process look like?

After thoroughly examining your existing roof, we first use industrial-strength cleaning agents on the surface of your roof and give it a power wash to prepare the surface prior to application.

We then place a cover board over the roof’s surface and mechanically fasten insulation and the single-ply material to the cover board and your deck. This is a flexible process suited to the majority of roof decks in use and done right before the product application.

What are the advantages of single-ply rubber roofs?

When compared to the cost of replacing your roof outright, applying a single-ply membrane roofing system is a far more affordable option available to roofs that are still functional.

Our technicians make sure seams are welded together, ensuring that no moisture can penetrate the membrane and affect your roof. Our single-ply rubber roofs utilize membranes that are extremely resistant to fire and chemical damage. Because the membrane is white, it also helps reflect the sun’s rays, which can help keep energy costs down.

Finally, we back our single-ply membrane roofing system installation with a 20- to 25-year leak-free (and hassle free) warranty.

How do I know if a Single-Ply Membrane System is the right solution for my roof?

If you’re unsure if this will work out for your commercial roof, don’t worry. We offer free consultations and can help determine the best option for your roof. Give us a call at (402) 289-7869 or fill out the contact form.

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