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Industrial Roofing

Offering industrial roofing solutions for all types of industries

Better Than Replacing Your Industrial Roof

Several Industrial Roofing Options, Always With Your Best Interest in Mind

We at Armour Roof Co. recognize how stressful and challenging finding the perfect industrial roofing solutions can be. Purchasing the right materials, finding a suitable design, and hiring professional contractors can get costly and time consuming. That’s why we offer superior industrial roof repair services. Our team of experts can provide your roofing system with a new lease on life! Why spend money on an entirely new roof when you can quickly and affordably restore your existing system?

Our Industrial Roofing Team

We have worked with several industrial roofing projects including:

  • Warehouses
  • Food Service
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • And More

Our team works hard to ensure your industrial roof restoration is successful. We accomplish these lofty goals thanks to our many years of experience and talented staff of professional roofing contractors. What can our team do for you? A common issue for many industrial roofing systems is the presence of leaks and holes. We at Armour Roof Co. can seal those blemishes and apply industrial roof coatings to provide additional reliability and durability. We can also help determine the best solutions for various damages that appear because of harsh weather or other outside factors.

More About Industrial Roof Coatings

It’s important to consider purchasing an industrial roof coating for your roofing system, regardless of its current condition. This product provides roofing surfaces with a hardy membrane layer that helps minimize the effects of UV rays and weather exposure. In just a short time, your roof can benefit from a durable second skin that adds years to its lifespan, making it a smart investment for any business!

When Repairs Aren’t Enough

Sometimes, even our expert care isn’t enough to save a damaged and worn roofing system. Rest assured that we at Armour Roof Co. also provide industrial roofing replacement services to ensure your building or facility is entirely protected and safe. Contact our team today to learn more about industrial roofing repairs, replacements, or related services—we’re eager to find the perfect solution for you!



And in the off chance you do need a full roof replacement, our industrial roofing contractors can handle that, too. Call (402) 289-7869 Today!

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Industrial Roof Restoration Options

Crew member rolling out roof coating.
A leak in your commercial roof doesn't mean you need to replace it. In fact, our Single-Ply Membrane is an effective, durable commercial roofing alternative.
Many people erroneously believe a damaged metal roof needs to be replaced. Often, we can effectively repair it for much less.
Adding layers of protection to fix those pesky minor roof leaks and prolong the life of your roof.
Spraying a black rubber coating on a flat roof
Industrial, non-toxic and completely seamless for waterproofing your roof and corrosion protection.

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