Commercial Roofing

Offering solutions for all types of commercial roofs

It's Not A One-Size-Fits-All

Several Commercial Roof Options, Always With Your Best Interest in Mind

Armour Roof Co. recognizes that a brand new commercial roof is the last thing you want to be spending money on. If you have to do it, why not see if there’s a way to fix the issue and save thousands in the process?

We offer several different types of commercial roofing restoration options including Single-Ply Membrane, Fabric Reinforced Roofing Systems, Metal Roof Coating Systems, and our exclusive Liquid Rubber Membrane technology.

And in the off chance you do need a brand new commercial roof, we can do that too.

Commercial Roof Restoration Options
A leaking commercial roof doesn't mean that you need to replace it. In fact, our Single-Ply Membrane is an effective, durable alternative.
Many people erroneously believe a damaged metal roof needs to be replaced. Often, we can effectively repair it for much less.
Adding layers of protection to fix those pesky minor roof leaks and prolong the life of your roof.
Industrial, non-toxic and completely seamless for waterproofing your roof and corrosion protection.

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