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Case Study: Southwest Iowa Transit

Case StudiesWorkAugust 15, 20220Case Study: Southwest Iowa Transit

The Problem

Located in Atlantic, the Southwest Iowa Transit Agency (SWITA) is Southwest Iowa’s primary public transportation system.

The roof of the Southwest Iowa Transit Agency building had a major leaking problem, causing frustration to employees and damage to interior insulation.

There were multiple areas of ponding over dozens of equipment, and several areas of roof penetration. At best, leak detection was a hit-or-miss.

The Solution

Typically in a government building, at least 3 bids are required to get a roof. Our was the only solution that didn’t require a complete (and costly) roof replacement.

We recommended a Conklin Metal Roofing System which was created specifically to adhere to metal roofs.. It was the perfect solution without having to replace costly pieces of sheet metal roofing. Plus, the quick installation limited tenant disruption while creating a durable, long-lasting waterproof layer.


In 6 days, we were able to locate every leaky spot on this metal roof and cover it up. We estimate that we were able to save them about 75% over the cost of replacing their metal roof- which could still leak after installation. The coats of Conklin Metal Roofing Systems ensured that their metal roof would last for years to come.


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